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Mental (Behavioral) Health

Everyone reacts to stress and traumatic experiences differently. While some have reactions that can be seen as normal responses to life events, others may experience signs or symptoms of more serious conditions.

Mental health and substance use conditions can affect anyone; you are not alone. The Military Health System has many resources available to help those who need it.

If you or someone you know needs support now, call or text 988 or chat at 988 connects you with a trained crisis counselor who can help.

Targeted Care

Our mental (behavioral) health clinic offers targeted care. Targeted care helps us give you the right mental health support for your specific needs, whether it’s an individual appointment, group therapy or non-clinical support.

How it Works

Targeted care synchronizes and expands the resources we have to address your specific needs. The process begins with a preliminary assessment.
You’ll meet with a technician who will:

  • Listen to your concerns.
  • Assess your needs.
  • Match you to the best resource.
Options may include an appointment with:
  • A primary or specialty care consultant.
  • Military and family life counselors.
  • A chaplain.

You don’t need a referral, and you won’t be turned away or denied specialty care. Learn more about Targeted Care.

Our Services

Our facility offers the following services:

Behavioral Health

Welcome to the Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital Department of Behavioral Health. To make an appointment or for any other questions, please contact your aligned clinic at the number below. Please check-in 30 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the Behavioral Health Data Portal questionnaires.
Everyone reacts to stress and traumatic experiences differently, and while some have reactions that can be seen as normal responses to life events, others may experience signs or symptoms of more serious conditions.
Mental health and substance use disorders can affect anyone; you are not alone. The Military Health System has many resources available to help those who need it.
For more information about TRICARE’s mental health coverage, visit:

Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health (MULTI-D)

 Multi-D Behavioral Health Clinic is equipped with a multi-disciplinary team of providers to include psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, and substance use counselor to offer comprehensive behavioral healthcare for all non-3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain active duty Soldiers and activated guard members.  All 3-10 Soldiers will go to the Embedded Behavioral Health clinic.

Embedded Behavioral Health

The Embedded Behavioral Health Team provides multidisciplinary behavioral health care to 3rd BDE, 10th Mountain Division Soldiers to be close to their unit area and in coordination with unit leaders to maximize diagnostic accuracy, remove barriers to care and improve treatment outcomes. The EBH team delivers on the promise of safe and effective medical care through
evidence-based treatments for Soldiers and expert consultation for combat leaders, spearheading the Army's effort to increase resilience and reduce morbidity from psychiatric disease.  All other Soldiers will go the Multi-D clinic for services.

Commanders: for administrative evaluations to include chapter separation clearances and recruiter/sniper/drill instructor evaluations please complete this form and bring to your aligned clinic to be scheduled for a telehealth evaluation. For all other Command Directed Behavioral Health Evaluations, contact the appropriate clinic OIC directly at the email below or by calling the front desk at the number provided. Any other questions or concerns should be directed to the appropriate clinic OIC, or to the Chief of Behavioral Health.

Family Advocacy (FAP)

 FAP provides services to all Active Duty Army at Fort Johnson and their family members. FAP is a DOD mandated program whose mission is to assess, support, and treat all incidents of child abuse/neglect and intimate partner violence. Services include comprehensive psychosocial assessments, case management, individual therapy, marital therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.

Child and Family Behavioral Health System (CAFBHS)

The Child and Family Behavioral Health System (CAFBHS) provides behavioral health care for Active Duty Family Members. Services include clinical psychosocial and/or medication evaluations, psychological testing for children and short term individual, couples and/or family therapy to military dependents enrolled in TRICARE Prime. Walk-in hours are during clinic open hours. Referrals should come from the patient's PCM but family members can walk.  Children must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Bayne-Jones ACH Clinic Mental (Behavioral) Health

Our clinic offers the following services:
  • Consultation
  • Psychosocial Evaluations and Testing for children
  • Inpatient Admission Referrals
  • Short Term Treatment
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples/Marriage Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Support & Education Groups

Military (Behavioral) Health System Programs and Resources

Military Crisis Line

Call, text, or chat with the Military Crisis Line which provides free support for all service members, including members of the National Guard and Reserve, and all veterans, even if they are not registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs or enrolled in VA health care.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource provides comprehensive information, resources and assistance for every aspect of military life as well as access to confidential Military Family Life Counselors in your community. Military OneSource also provides resources so you can manage stress and access benefits and tools to help you stay strong in body and mind. This page provides access to self-care mobile applications developed by DOD, VA, and other partners. All mobile applications are free and for iOS and/or Android devices. Visit or call 1-800-342-9647

InTransition Program

The inTransition Program is a free, confidential program that provides specialized coaching and assistance for service members, National Guard members, reservists, veterans, and retirees who need access to mental health care during a transition period (i.e., relocation, return from deployment, transitioning out of active duty), or any other time they need a new mental health provider, or need a provider for the first time. Visit or call 1-800-424-7877.

Real Warriors Campaign

The  Real Warriors Campaign aims to break down the stigma associated with mental health care and encourages service members to reach out for help when they need it. Find articles with support resources, along with video profiles featuring service members and veterans.

What TRICARE Covers

TRICARE covers medically and psychologically necessary mental health and substance use care. This includes both inpatient and outpatient care.

Contact Us


1585 3rd St., bldg 285
6th Floor
Fort Johnson, La., 71459

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 



Mental Health Resources

Veterans Crisis Line

Call: 988, press 1
Text: 838255

Europe: 844-702-5495 or DSN 988
Pacific: 844-702-5493 or DSN 988
Asia: 855-422-7719 or DSN 988

Open to all service members and veterans, even if not enrolled in VA benefits or health care. Long distance or overseas charges may apply. Learn More

Military OneSource

Call 1-800-342-9647

InTransition Program

Call 1-800-424-7877

Additional Resources

For a list of Military & Family Life counselors, click or use your camera on the QR code below: 

Unit Mental Health Clinics and assignments:

Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health Clinic

JRTC and Fort Johnson Headquarters, 519th Military Police Battalion, MEDDAC, all other supported units not listed below
Front Desk: 337-531-3922 or 337-531-3923
BJACH, 6th Floor

3/10 Embedded Behavioral Health Clinic

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
Front Desk: 337-531-2799 or 337-531-2795
2040 Dragoon Loop, Bldg 1170, behind Glory Chapel

Child and Family Behavioral Health Services

All eligible dependents of Active-Duty members, space permitting
Front Desk: 337-531-3922 or 337-531-3923
BJACH, 6th Floor

Family Advocacy Program

Front Desk: 337-531-3272
BJACH, 6th Floor

Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC)

Front Desk: 337-531-8912 or 337-531-9483.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

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