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Environmental Science Section - Field Sanitation Team

FST Member Requirements:

A team must consist of at least two personnel, and one must be a noncommissioned officer. For units with endemic medical personnel, they will be made a part of the FST. The important thing to remember is that the team should have enough members to accomplish its mission throughout the unit's area of operations. For units that consist of teams that operate individually, FST members should be placed in each team to provide support for the soldiers. FST members must be selected from personnel whose normal field duties will not provide ample time for their duties to be performed. Every FST member will be trained and certified in field sanitation by supporting Public Health assets and have no less than 6 months time remaining with the unit. Personnel wishing to enroll in the FST Course should contact us by telephone or email. A signed release by first line supervisor or 1SG is required.

The FST Course requires a minimum of 20 students and a maximum of 50 Seating is limited.

To enroll in future classes, contact the FST Instructor by the phone number or email listed in the "Contact Us" section.

Contact Us


Bldg. 3516, Georgia Avenue Fort Johnson, LA 71459


Chief, Environmental Health: (337) 531-2272
NCOIC, Environmental Health: (337) 653-3268
Environmental Health Technician: (337) 531-3402
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