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Occupational Therapy Clinic - Information for Providers

Explanation of OT services for referring providers:

  • Screening/assessment and treatment of performance components to include neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cognitive and psychosocial skills.
  • Therapeutic intervention, adaptation and preventive measures.
  • Individualized evaluations of past and current performance based on observation of individual tasks, standardized tests, record review, interviews, and/or activity histories.
  • Treatment planning which is accomplished in collaboration with the patient/family and ongoing patient/family education.

Through the above stated means, OT staff monitor the extent to which goals are met relative to obtaining and increasing the patient's functional abilities in daily living and preventing further disability.

Procedures performed include:

  • Upper extremity neuromusculoskeletal evaluations in accordance with AR40-48.
  • Upper extremity range of motion measurements, edema circumferencial/volumetrics measuring Manual muscle testing, grip and pinch strength testing.
  • Sensory testing: ex. Semmes Weinstein Monofilament, static two point.
  • Administration of upper extremity standardized evaluations: ex. Jebsen Hand Function Test, Minnesota Rate of Manipulation, and Purdue Peg Board.
  • Various therapeutic activities, range of motion and strengthening exercises.
  • Administration of continuous passive motion treatment.
  • Exercises work hardening via Baltimore Therapeutic Work Simulator, Biodex life cycle.
  • Desensitization and sensory reeducation.
  • Application of modalities: ex. heat packs, ice massage, contrast baths, fluidotherapy, paraffin, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical stimulation.
  • Suture removal and wound care, scar massage.
  • Upper extremity splinting. (static/dynamic)
  • Edema control measures.
  • Patient education on pathologies and injuries treated in clinic, joint protection, work simplification, energy conservation, ergonomics principles, activity of daily living adaptive equipment and techniques training.
  • Writing limited use profiles.
  • Ergonomic screening of workplace via interview and onsite evaluation referrals.

Referral procedures for providers:

Referral and Assessment:
Patients will be referred from their primary care provider or other medical provider via electronic consult/SF 513 for specific conditions treatable by occupational therapy. Patients will be scheduled for evaluation supervised by the OTR.

Upon evaluation and assessment of the need for treatment, a treatment plan will be written and discussed with the patient. Treatment will be scheduled and either OTR's or OTA's will carry through with the treatment.

Treatment, splinting and modalities used will be guided by protocols approved by the OT Clinic Chief and Orthopedic Department.

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