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The Optometry Service will update Vision Readiness for ADSMs assigned to the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Johnson on a walk-in basis. Please see below for more information regarding Vision Readiness.

Active Duty Service Members (ADSMs):

Routine eye care (glasses and periodic eye health assessment) are available for ADSMs. All required prescription eyewear and protective inserts can be ordered and supplied through the Optometry Optical if needed. Routine exams are limited to one appointment per year. Appointments can be made by calling the reception desk during clinic hours. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out preliminary paperwork. For information regarding the Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program (WRESP), please see below.

Dependents and Retirees:

Dependents and Retirees are able to be seen in the Optometry Service as mission allows. Dependents and Retirees may also contact TRICARE for a list of approved optometrists in the area. Retirees are eligible to receive one pair of military prescription eyewear per year through the Optometry Optical with a valid eyeglass prescription.

Contact Lens (CL) Services:

Contact Lens (CL) Services are available to patients as mission allows. These services are currently available. An annual routine eye exam is required (either at a military treatment facility or civilian doctor’s office) before CLs services can be rendered. If an eye exam was performed in the civilian sector, a copy of a valid eyeglass prescription (i.e. with prescribing doctor’s signature) given within 1 year is required at the time of visit. If this is not readily available or it is determined that a routine exam has not been conducted, then a routine exam will be conducted first before CLs are addressed. Keep in mind that this may require subsequent visits to the clinic before a CL prescription is finalized.

* Previous or current successful contact lens wearers should bring the following items to the eye exam:
  1. a pair of your current contact lenses in a case or unopened pack (note: do not sleep in lenses the night before the exam)
  2. a copy of the CL prescription or the boxes/blister pack containing the lenses
  3. a current pair of glasses

Vision Conservation and Readiness Information

Visit the Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness website.

Visit the Vision Readiness Screening Guide (TG-007). This form will provide information on gaining access to MEDPROS, step-by-step instructions on how to use the MEDPROS Web Data Entry (MWDE) System, how to conduct Unit Vision Screenings and a printable eye chart for conducting Vision Readiness screenings.

If the above instructions are not adequate to establish the Unit Vision Readiness Screening Program, contact the EENT NCOIC at (337) 531-3276/3277.

Combat Eye Protection:

Commercially available Eye Protection Information and Options for Commanders and Supply Channels

Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) List of protective eyewear authorized for use as well as a poster for download. Inserts for APEL can be obtained through the Optometry Clinic Optical with a current prescription. APEL Frames NOT provided through optometry clinic.

WRESP (Corneal Refractive Surgery - CRS) - LASIK or PRK:

Click here for Refractive Surgery Packet

An appointment with Optometry is necessary prior to being screened for CRS. CRS packets will need to be filled out completely by the soldier and signed by the Company and Battalion Commanders. Then the packet should be submitted in person to the EENT reception desk. The soldier will be placed on a short waiting list (usually 1 month) and will be contacted via email or phone to schedule an initial CRS screening. Contact Lens wearers are highly advised to stop wearing contact lenses as soon as the packet has been submitted.

Several criteria must be met to be eligible for CRS:
  1. Must have a stable glasses prescription for at least one year. Therefore, an eyeglass prescription and copy of eye exam at least one year old must be submitted with the CRS packet.
  2. Must have 6 months left Active Duty FROM THE DATE OF THE SURGERY.
  3. Must have 4 months left at Fort Johnson prior to PCS or deployment FROM THE DATE OF THE SURGERY.
  4. Other criteria regarding the soldier's eyes and overall health will be evaluated at the initial CRS screening. A rigorous screening is required, as not everyone is a safe candidate for the procedure.
  5. Must provide escort, either family member or unit representative must accompany Service Member to Lackland AFB and back.
Surgery is currently being performed at Lackland AFB, San Antonio. BJACH will provide shuttle transportation to the surgery center. All other pre and post-operative appointments will be completed at BJACH.

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