Contraceptive Care Walk-in Clinic

Beginning [insert date], get all your contraceptive care in one place: Bayne-Jones ACH new Contraceptive Care Walk-in Clinic.

The clinic is open [insert day(s) and times].

Services Offered

  • Service 1
  • Service 2
  • Service 3

How it Works

[insert how it works… no appointment necessary, etc. Here you will provide details about how to get care at the walk-in clinic. We understand that it’s “walk-in,” but there may be more specific information you need to share so patients understand how to access care at the clinic.]

Contact Us


1585 3rd St. BLDG 285


Nurse Advice Line
1-800-TRICARE, Option #1


Monday - Friday (8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)
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