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Environmental Science Section - Water Quality

Responsibilities in Water Supply and Distribution System

Water Quality
  • Preventive Medicine personnel use established measures for the preservation and promotion of health and the prevention of disease and injury.
  • Preventive Medicine, Environmental Health monitors Quality Assurance on data analysis of the potable water supply and distribution system on Fort Johnson, Louisiana. IAW TBMED 576.
  • Preventive Medicine, Environmental Health performs sanitary surveys annually or as warranted. IAW TBMED 576.
  • Taste, smell and water quality issues may be addressed to American Water, (337) 537-1161.

Water Trailer Inspection

Preventive Medicine Water Trailer Inspections are required every 6 months. Your unit Environmental Science Officer or Preventive Medicine Specialist can conduct this inspection. If you do not have organic Preventive Medicine assets please contact Preventive Medicine, Environmental Health Section.

Routine inspections prior(monthly) to use can be accomplished by your unit Field Sanitation Teams only if the trailer has a current (within 6 months) DA 5457, Potable Water Container Inspection signed by a Preventive Medicine representative. The inspections are intended to prevent a water-borne illness to your unit while training. The trailer must be completely empty for the inspection. (DA Form 5457)

The documents provided in the links are to prepare you for the inspection process. Following the guidance on these sheets will ensure your water trailer remains serviceable and available for use at all times.

Super Chlorination(flyer) of the water trailer must be performed quarterly and/or as needed. These processes sanitize the inside of the trailer. Document the process on the DA Form 5457, or a Memorandum For Record, or on the trailers maintenance history. (Cleaning & Super-chlorination Instructions)

To request a trailer inspection:

  1. Click here to open the request form in your browser
  2. Download the PDF to your desktop or another familiar location
  3. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and fill out the form (You will not be able to complete the form in the browser)
  4. Click in the 'Signature' block and digitally sign the form. You will be prompted to save the signed form.
  5. Look over the form and ensure everything is correct and click the 'Submit' button
  6. A 'Send Email' box will pop up
  7. Ensure the 'Default Email Application' box is checked, click in the 'Remember My Choice' box (optional), and click 'Continue'
  8. An auto-populated email will appear addressed to Environmental Health and the PDF should be attached
  9. If all looks well, send the email

Water Taste and Odor Complaints

Please direct all water taste and odor complaints to the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Helpdesk, (337) 531-1379.

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